Our fleet

All our vehicles are equipped for transport of hazardous cargo as per the ADR Convention and also with a tracking and control FROTCOM VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM.
The trucks are certified under the European eco-norms 3, 4 and 5.
The company has available vehicles for provision of collection and delivery of groupage shipments within 24 to 48 hours in Bulgaria.

Types of vehicles:

  • Tautliners / Tilt-trailers
  • Box-Trailers equipped for hanging garments
  • Tilt-Roadtrains
  • Box Roadtrains equipped for hanging garments
  • Large volume
  • Tanker
  • Oversize platforms
Vehicles for domestic transport:
  • Vans
  • Forklift


We offer one or two drivers per truck for urgent shipments or long distances.

Our twenty years experience in transport and forwarding enables us to offer various options and flexible solutions for your shipments.
Irrespectively of whether you have 1 or 100 cargos for transport, we shall take care of them. We offer a non-stop service.

Oversize transport Oversize platforms:

We have our own compositions, specialized in transport of oversize and heavy loads.

The company’s fleet comprises of:

  • MAN truck - 4 axes;
  • MAN truck - 3 axes;
  • SCANIA G 580 tractor – 3 axes;
  • DAF CF 510 tractor – 3 axes;
  • DAF XF 530 tractor – 2 axes;
  • Heavy duty tow truck 8.5 tons;
  • 5 axle KAESSBOHRER platform for automobiles – load capacity up to 80 tons;
  • 4 axle FAYMONVILLE platform with hydraulic ramps for automobiles – load capacity up to 40 tons;
  • 3 axle FAYMONVILLE LOWBAD trailer, load capacity up to 60 tons, extendable up to 12 meters;
  • 3 axle BROSHUIS platform for automobiles – load capacity up to 35 tons, extendable up to 12 meters;
  • 2 axle FAYMONVILLE LOWBAD platform, load capacity up to 25 ton, extendable up to 9 meters;